Faith & Nature: An Eco-Guide to Greening Faith Communities

Faith plays a significant role in our understanding of nature. Environmental principles are embedded in most of the world’s main religions and thus provide their followers with the ethical and moral foundations in dealing with the environment around them.

This environmental guidebook seeks to encourage faith communities to put these faith-based environmental principles into action with a series of environmental checklists on how they can better manage issues relating to energy, paper and water consumption, catering, domestic/household purchases, transport,surrounding premises, animals, as well as, enhancing community engagement and promoting social responsibility.It is hoped that this eco-guide will be significant in providing the necessary tools to individuals and organisations to implement change progressively.

Contributions in the book are based on the deliberations presented at the first Faith and Nature workshop in 2001in Singapore, and is produced with the support of Firstfern and Project ME: Muslims and Environment Initiative under the Young Association of Muslim Professionals of Singapore.

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Want to download a copy of the book [ pdf format, 2.2MB]? Click here for the Eco-Guide.

Want to know what went down at the Book Launch? Click here to find out.


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